Early-stage venture capital investor

Focus on technologies driving the next industrial revolution

We are an experienced team of investors, founders and managers

We founded First Imagine! to invest behind a shared thesis that next industrial revolution will change everything

Our mission is to partner with passionate visionaries who have big ideas and global ambition, help them build great companies and, in doing so, make a real difference to people's lives

You Imagine. Build. Grow.

We Believe. Accelerate. Amplify.

What we do

Invest in early to early-growth stage companies – particularly Seed and Series A financing rounds

Focus on applications in energy, industry and transport – which are the sectors that we know and can bring most added-value

Invest primarily in Europe, the UK in particular, and Israel

Invest for the long-term – building great companies takes time

What we look for

Founders with extraordinary imagination and unique insight – coupled with ambition, tenacity and nous

Companies developing disruptive deep science- and engineering-based technologies in:

  • AI, big data and analytics
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • New energy

What we bring

Active guidance and support to accelerate development and amplify growth – through connections, advice, governance, and future funding

Industry partners that can support technology development and market access, as well as financing

Our portfolio

Moixa Raising the IQ of the world's batteries
Ai Build Large-scale 3d printing combining AI and computer vision
Aurelia Turbines The most efficient small gas turbines in the world
Voltaware Non-intrusive power sensor for load disaggregation

Company-builders with a deep industry network

Our partners have diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, have worked together for years and are passionate company-builders

Collectively, we possess an invaluable mix of proven corporate finance and VC/PE capability, start-up and blue chip operational experience, technical understanding and top-tier management consulting expertise

A particular strength is our deep industry network which can be used to accelerate and amplify growth

Our extended team includes advisers and experts with key technology, industry and investment experience

The next big thing starts in the minds of people with extraordinary imagination and unique insight 

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