You Imagine. Build. Grow.

We Believe. Accelerate. Amplify.

What we do

Invest in early-growth stage companies, with their product being beyond proof of concept or at the early stage of commercialisation

Focus on applications driving the Energy transition. It is what we are passionate about, where our expertise is and where we are able to bring most added-value

Invest for the long-term – building great companies takes time

What we look for

Founders with extraordinary imagination and unique insight – coupled with ambition, tenacity and nous

Companies developing disruptive deep science- and engineering-based technologies driving the Energy transition:

  • Green power and heat generation
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy storage
  • Power electronics
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Connectivity and visibility in the power sector
  • Demand management
  • AI and data analytics in the power sector
  • E-mobility

Our geography focus is Europe, the UK in particular, and Israel

What we bring

Active guidance and support to accelerate development and amplify growth – through connections, advice, governance, and future funding

Industry partners that can support technology development and market access, as well as financing